What & How

Fashion design is not your average boring cut-and-dried field of trade, it is a way of life, and every client, their requirements and dreams are unique. It is also a vast field, with infinite design and fabric options to create your dream garment.

Ready-to-Wear or Casual

T-shirts, shorts, etc - your general everyday clothes - but perfectly fitted for you, in a fabric you specially chose.

Evening Wear

That special dress that is only you - nothing bought off a shelf, no-one else will look as gorgeous as you.


Bespoke tailoring - lets get you dressed to impress.

Matric Farewell Dresses

If he was not completely head-over-heals for you before, he will be once he sees you in your new dress.

Bridesmaid Dresses

So you are lucky enough to have ten bridesmaids, well, lets dress them up the same - even if they are different shapes and sizes. Same design, but custom tailored to each one.

Mother of the bride/groom

It is not only their special day; it is definitely also yours - especially after all those years of tears and joy.

Dance Costumes

Ballroom, pole dance or a black satin corset for that rock event? Lets get you ready for the party.

Dress Up Costumes

Superheroes, cosplay or any other play - be ready for anything.

I design things to help people to hopefully express their personality  —  Vivienne Westwood